Win the Guests’ Appreciation by Giving out Unique Wedding Invitation Cards

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You do want your wedding day to b perfect, don’t you? It is same for every individual. Everyone pays minute attention to the wedding details for transforming the day to a memorable one. Choosing the designs of invitation cards is also a crucial part of your overall plan for the auspicious day.

It is natural that you want to keep pace with the latest trends, therefore, want to opt for unusual yet fascinating designs for your luxury wedding invitations. It has been attempted in this article to guide your choice in this regard. Some of the unique and exciting these designs are discussed below

A boxed wine bottle

Forward an exquisite treat to your friends and family along with the invitation cards. Place a wine bottle in a big accommodative box to startle your invited guests with unexpected gift hamper. You can place the information containing pamphlet inside the box or you may prefer wrapping the wine bottle with the leaflet. This idea is very much in vogue in the recent time and you too can opt for this unique invitation box.

Tags of luggage

If you have planned a destination wedding, then design your invitation card based on the designs of luggage label. It will accommodate all the useful details of the journey and radiate holiday vibes in the guests’ minds. The thrill and adventure of a wedding organized in an unknown land will be reflected perfectly in these luxury wedding invitations.

Class notes themed cards

Do you want to feel the reminiscences of your middle school? Then choose the note book theme as your wedding invitation cards. Mention the special date at the corner of the copy and fill the lines with relevant information regarding time, date and venue.

Invitations in satin box

If your wedding plans are grand and royal, showcase the regality by rightly choosing the satin invitation box. You can fill the box with intricately designed and information filled pamphlets. Do not hesitate to give it a little decoration by sticking ribbons at the corners of the pages. Use satin silk fabric for designing the box. You can choose shimmery pink, peach, red or royal blue colors whichever color you think exhibits the grandeur of your wedding.

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