What are Various Invitation Card Designs for your Christian Wedding?

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Christian weddings display the least extravagance and embedded in simplicity. If you are finding for the unique wedding invitation card designs for your Christian wedding, you have come at the right place.  We know that the marriage ceremonies in your religion are less inclined towards pomp and colors, rather full of serenity. It is certainly due to the cultural and traditional differences. Nonetheless, you can get customized and your taste wise wedding cards in Delhi.

We have strived to provide you with some of the impressive and unique invitation card ideas for your auspicious day

Elegant card with the use of oil paint

Oil painted cards are classic in appearance. Decorations with blooms, flowers and leaves of the vintage painting style reflect the essence of true Christian culture. Information of the time, venue and date of the wedding can be scripted in italics to flatter the eye-soothing paintings. You can choose this card design for your special day as it is considered to be ideal for the Christian wedding invitation cards.

Marker script for wedding cards

If you want to keep the outlook of your wedding invitation cards simple yet attractive, consider the use of market fonts. Avoid including designs and drawing thereby allowing the fonts to garner guests’ attention. Present the names of yourselves in the brilliant cursives, but keep the important information in white serifs for convenient understanding. You can easily order these wedding cards in Delhi.

Water colored invitations

The application of water color on the spotless white paper can create an amazing invitation cards. Print the information in classic Montserrat and Great Vibes to complement the dreamy water color of your Christian wedding invitation cards. You can further customize the flower paintings to make it look unique and matchless. Play safe with colors and choose soothing hues like peach, light pink, matter red and grey. Do not go for too bold and bright colors while you plan for these invitations.

Chic looking invitation boxes

You can defy the simplicity and try out some new ideas for your wedding invitation cards. Boxed invitations are the new trends in the recent time. You can place the information packed leaflets inside of a fancy looking box. Choose a satin fabric for wrapping the invitation box as it reflects elements of regality and grandeur of your wedding.

You surely want your wedding day to be perfect and therefore put in effort to plan out every event in detail. Remember, unique invitation card is a prelude to your unique wedding day.

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