Try Out New Invitation Card Styles as a Teaser of your Unique Wedding

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You would agree with us when we say invitation card tickles the curiosity of the guests to finding out more about a wedding. And they ultimately end up attending the function. It is natural that an eye-catching luxury wedding invitation cards promise a magnificently grand wedding, while an average decorated card does not promise the same.

Here, we will list out the unique patterns of wedding cards for reducing the time and energy you would have invested in doing the research yourself. Some of the trendy and unique card designs are as follow

Wedding card made of chocolate wrapper

You can consider sending chocolates that are wrapped in customized paper to your guests. Accommodate all your wedding and venue details in the wrapping paper. It will be serve the as the wedding card and gift favors simultaneously. Hire an invitation card maker who can transform your desire into a fun personalized wrapper.

Laser cut invitation cards

Laser cuts cards are classic and a favorite among the traditional families. Want a teaser that gives a glimpse into your royally planned wedding? Opt for cards of this variation. Its shimmery and elegant outlook with detailed decorations reflects the grandeur of the wedding events. These are available in red, maroon and royal blue colors and you can choose any of these regal colors which make your personal favorite.

Music style invitation cards

Do not hesitate to go with this theme for your wedding invitation card, if you are a music fanatic. Further, it makes an ideal choice the music themed weddings. The music CDs can be put to use by decorating these with wedding information details. Thus, share your joy of music with your guests by handing them music styled luxury wedding invitation cards.

Caricature styled wedding cards

Adding a bit of fun and humor to the invitation card is always welcoming. Tickle the funny bones of your prospective guests by presenting caricatured figures of you and your partner.

Cinema poster theme

Who does not want to replicate the weddings that are shown in the movies? If you want a wedding function straight out of the cinema screen, begin with film inspired invitation cards. Decide a beautiful movie poster and ask your hired invitation card maker to prepare the cards based on the poster theme.

We have tried our best to pick out the best varieties of wedding invites. So, choose the invitation card that you judge to be the best.

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