Indian Wedding Invitation Message – A Reflection of Your Emotions and your personality

Indian Wedding Invitation Message – A Reflection of Your Emotions and your personality

Indian wedding is a celebration of the union of not only two souls but also two families. As a result, both the bride and groom’s family welcome the guest to join them in this celebration. With time and change of tastes and preferences, wedding card designs, as well as messages on them, have undergone a huge transformation. Previously while the invitation messages were pre-designed, nowadays, many families prefer custom designed wedding invitation cards.

Custom Designed Wedding Invitation Cards

With the growing demand of exclusivity or to add a personal touch in every aspect of an Indian wedding, many new ideas regarding wedding invitation came into practice. Many times, either bride or the groom put their creative ideas for the invitation card or they hire professionals to do the same as per their preference.

Digital Wedding Invitation

Apart from traditional wedding cards, invitation in digital form or the same written on handmade papers was becoming quite interesting and popular idea among present generation. Almost everybody owns a smartphone with a high megapixel camera. This has been put to good use by creating animated gifs or videos with messages for the invitation to be sent through WhatsApp or e-mail. Various editing software like Picasa or Photoshop and online templates are also available, which could also be used for creating beautiful digital wedding invitation.

Creative Wedding Invitation

Sometimes, adding an embellishment or other decoration can make the wedding invitation card expensive. Whereas adding beautiful quotes or using taglines not only brings a unique quotient in a wedding invitation but it also keeps the prices of wedding cards in check.

Wedding Invitation Message

No matter what form of invitation, the bride, groom or their families choose, the invitation message displayed on them plays an important role. They depict the happiness and varied emotion of the person who invites the invitees. Down the years the formal way of mentioning the invitation date along with a little introduction of bride and groom has been replaced by an informal approach. In this second approach, the message clearly shows the warmth attached during the invitation. The love and affection between the would-be couples are also shared in different quotes in the messages.


With changing time and preferences, many new elements were added to different aspects of the wedding with the invitation card being no different. No matter whether it is a traditional or a digital or creative wedding invitation card, the invitation messages were given equal importance. They depict the love and affection between the couple or the happiness felt by their families. Sometimes, they also share their story of coming together as the bride and groom in the invitation message. Such an approach is so spontaneous with a personal touch, that even the invitee could feel their love through those words.

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