How to Choose an Indian Wedding Card and Its Wordings

How to Choose an Indian Wedding Card and Its Wordings

Indian wedding is presided by many pre-wedding rituals and followed by a reception. Depending on the ritual or ceremony, a wedding invitation card is selected. While many prefer to send a separate card for every ritual, a majority of would be-couple prefer listing the rituals along with their dates in a single invitation card, for the convenience of their guests. Besides, based on the couple’s personality and their preference a wedding card and its wordings are chosen.

Things to Be Kept In Mind While Choosing a Wedding Invitation Card and Its Wordings

The whole effort involved in planning a wedding to the final execution can be exhausting not only for the bride and the groom but also for their family. Not to forget, being a major event in one’s life, many people go into a lot of detailing to make it memorable for the couple in question, their families and also for all the invitees. There are certain things one should keep in mind while designing their wedding invitation card

  1. Type of wedding- If it is a destination wedding, the bride and groom generally chose a simple ‘save the date’ card to be sent in digital form in advance, preferably 6 months or more, for their close group, so that they could finalize their guest list. However, such advance invitation is not required in case of regular weddings.

Later when the formal wedding invitation is to be sent, they mention all the pre-wedding rituals along with their dates in a list followed by a formal invitation for wedding and reception.

  1. The Personality of the would-be couple – One of the important things to be kept in mind while choosing a wedding invitation card is the personality of the couple. With people being different from each other many couples prefer to have a designer wedding card that reflects their personality. This factor gives a personal touch to the invitation.
  2. Words used during Invitation – While choosing words for the invitation, the formal invitation can be from the family’s point of view or from the couple, requesting their guest’s presence on the wedding and seeking their blessing. Along with it, they can also add a personal touch by adding different quotes or through doodles that reflect the connection between the couples.


With the huge expenses involved in an Indian wedding, the would-be couple along with their families is often not too much keen on spending excessively on invitation cards. However, with a variety of designs available, they could have a card that looks attractive, unique, personal and still not too much expensive. A lot of thoughts and emotions goes behind choosing a wedding invitation car and its wordings.

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