Hindu Wedding Cards – Select from a whole range of Designs

Hindu Wedding Cards – Select from a whole range of Designs

According to the difference of preferences, Hindu weddings took place in different ways. With keeping the wedding rituals constant, some prefers an elaborate wedding with Sangeet, Mehendi and Haldi ceremony, while the others focus solely on the actual social wedding followed by a reception. As a result, wedding cards are designed according to rituals. People who prefer an elaborate wedding, their wedding invitation is not only limited to the invitation for the actual wedding. They also prefer inviting their close group with a separate card meant especially for other occasions like – Sangeet, Mehendi and Haldi.

Different Concept of Hindu Wedding Cards

With the emergence of new concepts, a wedding invitation is not only limited to traditional wedding cards. As a matter of fact, two concepts are becoming equally popular like traditional wedding invitation card. They are- wedding invitation box and wedding invitation scrolls.

Wedding Invitation Box

Wedding Invitation Box contains a wedding invitation card with some sort of souvenirs. The cards are generally based on different themes, and souvenirs are generally related to those themes. Many designers made these exclusive wedding cards in Delhi.

Wedding Invitation Scrolls

They are wedding invitation cards in the form of scrolls put into different designer pouches. They give a royal approach to the invitation cards and they come in various attractive designs.

However, be it traditional invitation card, invitation card box or scrolls, the would-be couple or their families can choose any form as per their preference. All these cards are based on various themes. They can be personalized with pictures of bride and groom in it, or can be based on different board games or can be cartoon based. They also come in a variety of hues varying from pastel shades to elegant off-white with golden fonts. There are many royal wedding cards printed in Delhi with images of palaces or brides arriving in palanquins.

The font in which invitation message or quote is printed is always in synchronization with the theme on which the card is made. Cards with different laser cut, or folk art inspired or water colored based designs are also becoming popular.


Many industries have been developed based on a Hindu wedding to meet the requirements of the would-be couple and their families. One of the growing industries among them is wedding invitation cards. Many designers are coming with new designs and concepts, thereby breaking the stereotypes of wedding invitation cards. Wedding card boxes contain souvenirs that could either go with the theme of the card or they can also include different silver or golden idols of gods and goddesses. Apart from theme based or personalized or other image containing cards, many new designs are also becoming popular.

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