Five Fun and Exciting Invitation Ideas for Children’s Birthday Bash

b'day card design

Birthday celebrations are fun for everyone, especially the children. They take enormous interest in planning and arranging of their own birthday events. On the other hand, the parents and guardian have to take initiative to make the first birthdays of their babies. However, no party is complete without friends and families and inviting them requires giving out of party invitation card.

In this article, we have presented before you unique invitation ideas for catching interests of the prospective guests at your child’s birthday party. The children themselves will be elated to experience uniqueness in the celebrations.

Fancy party hats

Abandon the idea of plain and simple paper to convey your invitation message. Instead make folded hats made of colorful papers. Detail out the venue and time of the party in those wearable hats. These will certainly catch the attention of the kids and can be showcased as a decorative piece in the drawing room.

Picture of the baby

The 1st birthday invitation card has to be always special and memorable. Although the babies cannot enjoy the celebration of their birthdays, first birthdays are stay close to the parents’ heart forever. They can get an adorable picture of their baby printed on the front page of the card and include the relevant information inside. Let your baby’s smiling face on the card win the guests’ hearts.

Customized invitation cards made of chocolate

Chocolate based party invitation card is an interestingly creative way to invite the guests. Fetch attention of your little guests by engraving time and date on the chocolate surface. You can use colorful pens on the white chocolate. Even the chocolate boxes can be customized to carry other relevant information about the party.

Cartoons and caricature

If your baby is turning this year, plan an exciting invitation card that displays cartoon characters. These images are fun to watch and add humor to the cards. Want to go over the board with cartoon and animation? Do not hesitate to include caricatured picture of your happy family, obviously with your child at the focus. It will make an exciting and memorable 1ST birthday invitation card.

Cootie catcher invitations

It is another creative idea for making birthday invitation cards look attractive. Fill the inner flips with information on time, date and venue and decorate the outer flips with colors or glitters. It will be loved by the children and even the adults will find cootie catcher card pretty and cute.

Make your kid’s birthday extra special this year by considering the invitation ideas presented here. Even the guests will impress your effort in the preparation of the birthday.

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