Essential Features That Are Found In Every Hindu Wedding Invitation

Essential Features That Are Found In Every Hindu Wedding Invitation

Indian wedding is an active event loaded with functions. There are multiple things that are needed to be completed in order to make the event successful.

When the wedding day is approaching, people always desire the auspicious presence of their loved one on their D day.  For this prior delivery of the information is necessary. The purpose is served by the Luxury wedding cards in Delhi.

There are important features that can give elegance and maintain the flavor of Hindu marriage. Inserting these elements is helpful for the guest to make their way to one’s special day. In this blog, some of the hallmark features of the Hindu wedding invitation cards will be highlighted.

Phrases and deity names

Hindu culture is imbibed with religion. Since invitation card is the first thing that carries the good news from door to door, many cards have phrases from pious scriptures or deity figures at the start. One can customize their royal wedding card in Delhi and choose a suitable quote from the bhagwad Vedas or Gita.

Family background

The Indian family always feels pride in introducing themselves. There is detailed information about the groom and the bride family which gives an idea about the identity of the couple that is tying the knot. The mention of roots to the ancestry in the royal wedding card in Delhi is necessary.

Detailed address and the date

Another feature is the detailed address of the venue that is usually bolded. The venue where the occasion will occur is also mentioned in different sections for the convenience of the guest.

The date is another big thing. The dates of different ceremony like sangeet, mehndi, wedding, and reception need to be distinctly highlighted in the card.

Bright colors

All the wording in the luxury wedding card in Delhi is written in bright colors usually red or golden on a shiny background. These colors are believed to be lucky for these events.


The undersigned who takes the opportunity to cordially invite their esteemed guest is of the eldest member. With joy and gratitude, they welcome all the guests on behalf of the newlyweds.

Thus, these are some of the characteristic features that one can inculcate in their wedding card to reflect the Hindu customs.

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