A List of Unique Gift Hampers that Accompany the Invitation Cards

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With the arrival of winter, the wedding season has also set in. If you have your wedding just around the corner, it is natural that you are both excited and nervous about it. You ought to take important decision and make crucial choices to make your wedding stand out this season. In order to make your wedding appealing give up on convention and experiment with wedding and ritualistic practices.

The first step is to say a big no to the usual sweets packets that are forwarded with the Hindu marriage invitation card. Try the unusual gift hamper options for impressing your prospective guests at the wedding. Some of the fun and fascinating gift options are discussed below

A jar of jam

In case you want to add a touch of sweetness to the food hamper, without getting too traditional, the jar of jam is the best options. These products come in pretty looking jars and are available in varieties of flavor. A bit of subtle decoration will not cause any harm, hence try tying a fancy ribbon around the cap and make the tokens for eye-catching.

A bottle of wine

The grandeur of your wedding must be reflected in your luxury wedding invitation cards and forwarded hampers. A bottle of wine is the classic gift choice in this regard. This product has a timeless appeal and can entice the guests to attending your wedding to witness more extravagance.

Nut butters

One can never run out of food choices which can be sent as gift hampers and our next pick is nut butters. It is known how fond the traditional families are of butter, so, why not consider it as a gift option? Opting for nut butters is both healthy and trendy. Thus, delicious nut butters form an impressive combo with Hindu marriage invitation card.

Organic and healthy granola bars

You can also consider granola bars as the gift forwards that can accompany your wedding invitation card. These bars are organically made bars are healthy and come in various mouth watering flavors. Therefore, appeal to your guests’ taste buds by sending granola bars along with the wedding invites.

Succulent plants

Let’s rise above the edible items and search for some other interesting options. We have another option for you and that is the succulent plant. It is an aesthetically enriched presentation that sync in well with your luxury wedding invitation cards. Your guests will be pleased on receiving this token of gift which can be used as a beautiful decorative piece at the living room.

Be fearless to try new things. It is your wedding and you have the luxury to plan it as per your desire. Begin your experimentation by choosing from the wedding favor options provided by us.

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