A Guide to Design Stunning Indian Wedding Card

A Guide to Design Stunning Indian Wedding Card

A traditional Indian wedding is incomplete without an appropriate wedding invitation card. The cards are usually sent out to the guests two to three months before the actual wedding. No wonder, people look for the most innovative and impressive designs for their cards.

 The new age couples are very keen on creating a long-lasting impression and this is why the Wedding Invitation boxes in Delhi are a commonplace now. However, a wedding card is not as simple as it looks. Owing to the number of details and designs a card should contain, it is important to follow a stepwise procedure in order to bring out a proper design of the same.

Unique colour palette

Usually, a simple colour palette is chosen for the wedding card with a textured background. The colour may vary according to the demand, although. The colours may be mixed and matched too.

An impressive Theme

Next step is to select a theme to be depicted in the card. You may opt for the lovebird’s theme, or based in the location of the wedding. Additionally, you may also choose beautiful patterns for your card.

Choice of colours

The choice of colours is very important. Whether it is watercolour or crayons, it is important to keep it uniform throughout the card. However, if you wish to mix both, then it is advisable to do the same accordingly without making the overall card an eyesore.

Traditional touch

Lately, the most Unique Indian Wedding Invitation Boxes come with an extra touch of traditional sense. In most cards, the palanquin carrying a bride is common, while there are designs in marigold and banana leaves in others. Nowadays, tassels are also tied around the wedding cards to give them the extra edge to the overall attractiveness of the wedding card.

Hint of Flowers

Indian customs are literally incomplete without flowers, and a wedding is most likely to involve the most amounts of flowers. Thus, wedding cards in floral designs are also gaining huge importance.

Therefore, it is very important to design the cards properly to please the guests with the first look of the cards.

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