A Distinctive Wedding Card Box – 1st step for the preparation of your celebration

A Distinctive Wedding Card Box – 1st step for the preparation of your celebration

Indian wedding with time has undergone many changes in matters of different aspects related to it. Be it the venue, or gifts or photo shoots – both bride and groom have a lot of ideas that they want to put into reality to make their wedding, a most memorable event of their life that they could cherish forever.  Coming to different concepts relating to a wedding, new ideas were developed in terms of preparing a wedding invitation card or keeping a wedding card box at the reception venue.

The Concept of Wedding Card Box

A wedding card box is a cardholder or a box, where guest could leave their card with congratulatory messages for couple or cards attached to gift money. With changing concepts and introduction of new ideas relating to a wedding, many couples request their guests to avoid bringing any gifts for the newlyweds. As a result, guests bring flowers or cards with a congratulatory message written on them. Many guests again put gift money in envelopes and attach such cards with them.

Need for Wedding Card Box

In an Indian wedding or during the reception, with ever-increasing invitees, it would be difficult for a person to keep all the congratulatory cards or safeguard the gift money left by the guests. While newlyweds and their family members are busy attending the guests, taking care of the cards or gift money can be bothersome for them. To meet the need, a wedding card box is kept, so that the guests could leave their cards over there. Besides, guests also find it convenient to leave the cards or their gift money in the box.

Ideas for Wedding Card Box

The concept of wedding card box being popular, many couples keep a vintage card box or some exclusively designed card box suited for the theme of the venue. However, such cards may come expensive. As an alternative, they choose a DIY card or turn any old storage box into a beautifully designed wedding card box by adding some decoration on the exterior of the box. This can save a lot of expenses and also meet the requirement of a wedding card box at the same time.


While a wedding is considered as an important event that marks the beginning of a new journey of a couple, both the bride and groom along with their family members give more importance on the blessings of the guests than the gifts. As a result, the concept of gifting money or bringing card is becoming more popular in an Indian wedding. The gift money could be used by the couple on things that they would actually require rather than the gifts which might be of no use to them.

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